About the Blogger

Hello, I am Emilee Grochowski and I am the creator of Wellness and Well-Drinks. A couple of years ago I learned the term Wellness while working at my local YMCA. I learned that this goes beyond becoming fit or healthy, but healing your whole being. I IMG_4618have always struggled with maintaining my weight, anxiety, and connecting with my soul…that is until I began researching and understanding wellness. I am now here to share the trial runs, the ups and downs, the happiness, the sadness, and what I have learned all while drinking a tequila soda with 2 limes (hey, don’t knock it till you try it!)

Some fun facts about me? I graduated from CSU Channel Islands in 2017 with a BA in Performing Arts: Dance and a Certificate in Psychology. I plan on getting my Masters and Certifications in Marriage and Family Therapy so I can work with cancer patients and their families during one of the most emotional times of their life. I have a love and admiration for the beach; there is no place other place that makes me feel as free and at ease. I love to hike, explore small towns, eat tacos, drink tea, and create art. I am really good at winning things on the radio, but absolutely horrible at card games. I consider myself to be blessed even in the darkest of times, and I truly enjoy helping others with even just a simple smile.

On my blog, you will find a few things, a section for my Wellness posts, a section for my Well-Drinks posts, a section for my Travel posts, a link to my future holistic shop, and a contact page. Wellness posts will contain things like recipes, detox waters, healthy food options, a lot of gluten-free tips (where my GF babes at?), fitness, and holistic healing methods. Well-Drinks posts are all about well-drinks, cocktails, cool bars, wine, and all things nightlife/alcohol! Travel posts are all about my traveling experiences. As of now, I am a single gal and I like to take chances and go new places. Here I will post all of my adventures and experiences traveling around as a single female in the 21st century.

I hope this blog can bring you inspiration, knowledge, learning opportunities, and humanity. It is a place of positivity, acceptance, kindness, and expression; so respect others as well as yourself. Cheers and namaste!