“The View Lounge” San Francisco, CA.

I grew up going to “the city” quite often and it’s no secret that San Francisco is a Bay Area hotspot for its unique views and architecture. The variety of buildings, image4churches, bridges, and street art makes San Francisco a popular tourist destination, no matter how close you live. However, now that I am over the legal drinking age, I visit San Francisco for nightlife and to find new and exciting places to drink.

When my best friend came to visit me in the Bay, I decided to look up some bars that had a unique flare and weren’t the typical dive bars I generally look for. That’s when I discovered The View Lounge. Located in the heart of San Francisco, atop the Marriott Marquis, The View offers signature cocktails, California wines, and small plates; oh, and a stunning view of the city. Opening in the evening, this is the perfect spot to watch the sunset and observe as night takes over the city. Décor is modern, tasteful, and creates an urban feel with the dark metals, rich image2woods, and modest colors. From hotel guests to local business professionals, The View offers an upscale lounge atmosphere to unwind and enjoy the skyline.

My best friend and I entered the elevator to discover just how high up we would be traveling, 39 floors. Immediately after stepping off the elevator, we went to see the view, and wow, were we impressed. It was sunset and the views were absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, we were not the only ones who wanted to spend their evening being enchanted by the skyline.

Finding a place to sit was difficult, but when we found a seat at a high table, we were quickly greeted by a waitress. We both ordered a specialty cocktail, the image1Highrise Pom Cosmo. Made with Ketel One vodka, pama, cranberry, and fresh citrus, this drink was worth the overprice of $15. It was strong, but tasted refreshing and had a great zing at the end of each sip. Not to mention, it fit the “boujee” atmosphere we had walked into.

The service was excellent, and the view continued to astonish us as the sun faded away and the city lights started to shine. However, it only seemed to get busier from there; and busier with children. I adore children, but this was not one of the places I really wanted to image3be ran into by kids playing games. I did think it was a little odd that anyone under 18 was allowed in, but hotel bars are a little more lenient with who are taking up the seats.

Overall, I would highly recommend The View Lounge for the experience, and a good cocktail. I plan on returning with more friends, but I would not return so close to a holiday (it was the day before NYE, yikes!) More information and a full menu can be found on their website.


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Emilee Grochowski

Hello, I am Emilee Grochowski and I am the creator of Wellness and Well-Drinks. I am here to share the trial runs, the ups and downs, the happiness, the sadness, and what I have learned all while drinking a tequila soda with 2 limes (hey, don’t knock it till you try it!)

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